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9:00 – 9:30 (Recorded) “Welcome To HAM-CON” – Mitch Stern W1SJ
HAM-CON’s General Chairman, W1SJ will present a short Keynote Address welcoming everyone and pointing out some key tips for a successful On-Line Convention experience.

9:30-9:55 (Recorded) “FT8 Basics” – Mitch Stern W1SJ
We hear a lot about FT8 and it seems like everyone is on this digital mode. If you have no experience with FT8, this is the place to learn how to successfully make a lot of QSO’s using this mode. Prerecorded at HAM-CON 2019.

10:00-10:55 (Rm 1) “The ARRL CEO Report – David Minster NA2AA, ARRL CEO
David Minster became ARRL CEO last September. But what is his job at the ARRL? What is the difference between the ARRL Board president and ARRL CEO? We will get to meet with NA2AA, find out more about his activities on the air and what plans he has for ARRL Headquarters in the future.

10:30-11:25 (Recorded) “Multiband Antennas” – Joel Hallas W1ZR
Join the “Doctor” in a talk on multiband antennas, prerecorded at an earlier HAM-CON. You thought you knew about antennas? Try some of the designs that Joel will show us.

11:00-11:55 (Rm 1) “ARRL Forum” – Fred Hopengarten K1VR and Phil Temples K9HI
This meeting with our New England Division Director and Vice Director will focus on ARRL direction, hashed out at the recent ARRL Board meeting in January. Discussion will include the new FCC fees and requirements, loss of the 3.4 GHz band and any other topics brought up in the meeting – including one surprise. Don’t miss it!

11:30-12:25 (Rm 2) "DC Power Distribution, Batteries and Solar" - Mark Siegesmund W9WMR
What are the special considerations involved with high current DC power used in amateur radio installations? Cable loss as well as connector suitability are discussed. An overview of the state of battery technology will be presented with a good comparison of the various technologies. Battery configurations, safety and the use of solar power will also be disucssed.

12:00-12:55 (Rm 1) “Tips For Being a Better Contester” – Randy Thompson K5ZD
Want ideas on how to be a better contester? Or, else how to BE a contester? Wait, what’s a contest? All these topics and more will be covered in this exciting segment by one of the best. Randy has won more contests than anyone can count, so he knows a few tricks and techniques. We predict that if you attend this forum you will jump right into the ARRL DX Contest next weekend and do WELL!

12:30-1:25 (Rm 2) “Basic Overview of Digital Modes and Tradeoffs” – Barry Feierman K3EUI
There are tons of different digital modes used in Ham Radio. Most of us have heard of the popular ones like FT8 and PSK-31. But what about the others? What are they good for? Barry will give a presentation of characteristics and uses of several digital modes.

1:00-1:55 (Rm 1) “Life Beyond Repeaters” – Anthony Luscre K8ZT
You have your new Technician license and you’re ready to go! But, the repeaters are often dead and when you do hear conversation, it might be boring as sin. Well, there are dozens of other things you can do with a Technician license besides using a repeater and some of those things are really exciting. Learn about some new stuff you can do!

1:30-2:25 (Rm 2) “SPY Radios and CIA Bugs” – Prof. Tom Perera W1TP
This presentation will describe and show the desperate attempts by the resistance to build radios to keep informed about the progress of World War II and by spies to communicate critically important intelligence information back to the Allies while being ruthlessly hunted by German direction-finding teams. The newest CIA clandestine bugs and radios will also be shown and described.

2:00-2:55 (Rm 1) “Emergency Communications: The Best of Live Distress Calls” – Gordon West WB6NOA
We always hear how Amateur Radio saves lives and saves the day. But what does this sound like? Join Gordo as he presents us with his extensive library of recordings of Amateur Radio distress calls and relates the stories behind them.

2:30-2:55 (Rm 2) “Do-It-Yourself Radio Kit” – Jeff Bonn N1YD
In this mini-demo, Jeff will demonstrate motion sensing radar and describe how it works.

3:00-3:30 (Recorded) “Olivia Digital Mode” – Tomas Hood NW7US
What is Olivia? I think I might have dated her a few years ago. But no, Olivia is an advanced digital mode. Tomas will explain the details of Olivia, what it is best used for and play sound samples of what it sounds like.

3:30-3:55 (Rm 2) “Olivia Digital Mode Q&A” – Tomas Hood NW7US
Join Tomas in this live Q&A session to discuss the Olivia Digital mode.

3:00-3:55 (Rm 1) “Kit Building Techniques For Success” Joe Eisenburg K0NEB
There was a time when hams built all their own equipment. While most equipment these days are packaged up ready to go on the air, there are still quite a few kits available out there. Many of us have more fun building the radio than actually using it! Joe will take us through all the techniques you should learn about how to build a kit correctly so that it works the first time.

4:00-4:55 (Rm 1) “Ask The Experts” – HAM-CON Staff
Missed asking a question at one of the forums? Have a question that has been burning a hole in your pocket and you cannot seem to find a good answer? Come ask our panel of assembled experts. Caveat: We make no guarantees that any advice is necessarily useful or that your radio will not blow up!

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FEBRUARY 27, 2021

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