Ham-Con Sneak Preview

  • This is a listing of forums for HAM-CON 2021
  • More forums will be added next week
  • Some programming is pre-recorded and can be viewed later
  • Live programming cannot be viewed later
  • The full forum schedule will appear in mid-February

HAM-CON 2021 Forums
Sneak Preview

  • Welcome to HAM-CON Keynote Address - Mitch Stern W1SJ
  • What Does the ARRL CEO Do? - Dave Minster NA2AA
  • Meet with ARRL CEO Dave Minster
  • Basic Overview of Digital Modes and Tradeoffs - Barry Feierman K3EUI
  • ARRL Forum - Director Fred Hopengarten K1VR and Vice Director Phil Temple K9HI
  • Tips For Being a Better Contester - Randy Thompson K5ZD
  • Life Beyond Repeaters - Anthony Luscre K8ZT
  • Life Beyond Repeaters Q&A Session
  • Multiband Antennas - Joel Hallas W1ZR
  • Spy Radios and CIA Bugs - Tom Perera W1TP
  • FT8 Basics - Mitch Stern W1SJ
  • Emergency Communications: The Best of Live Distress Calls - Gordon West WB6NOA
  • Olivia Digital Mode - Tomas Hood NW7US
  • Kit Building Techniques For Success - Joe Eisenburg K0NEB
  • Ask The Experts. Q&A on all topics - Staff

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FEBRUARY 27, 2021

Last updated: February 5, 2021