Instructions for Shoppers

An On-Line Flea Market is possible and fun, but you will need to get used to a new way of shopping!
  1. Before going into the Flea Market, make sure you set your name. Right click on your picture, click on the 3 dots ... and click on Rename. Always name yourself with firstname and callsign - nothing else! We need to know who you are!
  2. The Flea Market Portal and Information Page. Here will be a list of vendors, times of operation, specific details and an abbreviated list of some of the major items they have for sale. Make note of the vendors you want to see and what room they are located. Keep this page up for reference later.
  3. Enter the Flea Market. You will land on the Main Flea Market Zoom Page. There will be forums going on so mute your mike!
  4. Move your cursor to the bottom right of the screen and look for the Breakout Rooms option and click on it.
  5. Choose the room of interest and click on it.
  6. You will see a group of videos, depending on who is in the particular room at the time.
  7. When you find the vendor you are interested in, right click on his video, look for 3 dots ... and click on Pin Video. This will make the vendor's video full screen and reduce all else to thumbnail size.
  8. Look through the vendor's video to see if you are interested in anything. Use the Flea Market Portal and Information Page to help identify items.
  9. At some point, you might be interested in an item. Call the vendor by name and indicate your name or call. Remember there are other shoppers in your room, so please be courteous.
  10. Using Zoom Chat (at bottom of screen) directed to the vendor may be an option, but we suspect vendors will be very busy and likely not looking at their screen.
  11. The vendor will respond to you at some point and you can ask your question. Or else you might want to have the vendor hold the item up to the camera for a closer look. Please only ask to do this if you are a serious buyer!
  12. You might be interested in the item and be willing to make an offer. But remember, others are listening and someone could possibly outbid you. This makes shopping more interesting. Some strategy would be warranted.
  13. Find out how the vendor wants to get paid. This is something both of you must work out.
    • Paypal and other methods like it are convenient and immediate, but not everyone accepts those
    • A credit card is a bad idea - others are listening
    • Payment by mail is slow and the vendor may not want to hold the item for you
  14. How will you get the item?
    • If you both live in the same area, arrangements can be made for either a pickup or a delivery
    • If further apart, vendor and buyer might meet "halfway"
    • Item could be shipped. Vendor should know the cost of shipping for the item and be willing to negotiate that with the price
  15. When finished with one vendor you can Pin the video of another vendor in the room, or go to Breakout Rooms below and select another room to look through.
  16. When done shopping, you can either visit other chat rooms or go to one of the forums. Some forums are in the main room of the Flea Market Hall - where you are, while others are in the Forums Hall. To go to the Forums Hall, click on End Meeting at the bottom right. Use your browser to come back to the Flea Market Portal and Information Page and click on the link to go back to the Main HAM-CON portal. From there you can go to to a the Forums Hall.

    Sales at HAM-CON are based on an agreement between the vendor (seller) and shopper (buyer). HAM-CON and The Radio Amateurs of Northern Vermont are not liable nor responsible for any sales or subsequent activity iniated though this event.

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FEBRUARY 27, 2021

Last updated: February 20, 2021