Navigating In Zoom

Note: If you are an experienced Zoom user, this should be review only.
  • Make sure you have a camera and microphone connected. Laptops including these are great. Otherwise you will have to provide them.
  • Click on Zoom icon on your desktop
  • On Zoom application home (with big clock), click on "Meetings"
  • On Zoom meetings page, your personal meeting ID is shown at the top left. Make a note of it.
  • Click on "Start", near middle of page
  • You will get white box. Click on "Join with Computer Audio"
  • You will get a larger screen, either showing your video, or a black screen. If your system does not have a camera or cannot find one, the black screen is the default.
  • Right click anywhere in the screen. Choose "rename". In the box, change your name to firstname callsign   i.e. Mitch W1SJ. Nothign else, please! This is important!
  • Test your audio: Move cursor to bottom. Look for "mute" button. Click on the caret next to mute.
  • Click on "Test Speaker and Microphone" Confirm that everything works
  • Test your video: Move cursor to bottom. Look for "start video" button. If there is a slash through it, click on it to turn on video
  • If your video is working, you are good. Otherwise, click on the caret next to "start video" to check video settings
  • Using chat: Move cursor to bottom. Look for "Chat" button and click on it
  • NEVER NEVER send a chat to "Everyone" Folks will not like you very much. Direct your message to one person only.
  • Breakout Rooms: Move cursor to bottom right and look for "Breakout Rooms". Click on the room you are interested in and in a short while you will be transferred to that room
Video: Using the Zoom Instructional Video Library

This link below will take you to the Zoom Instructional Video Library. We recommend you view the following:
  • Join A Meeting
  • Meeting Controls
  • Breakout Rooms
Zoom Video Library

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FEBRUARY 27, 2021

Last updated: February 24, 2021